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Favorite Products Right Now: Dr. Bonners Almond Soap/Lay It On Thick Lotion: Bath and Body Works.

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hey people. tryinta keep you updated a bit more often, since i kinda sucked at that last month. lol. i wanted to update with this post sooner, but caught a cold. since im shaking off the flu now, we can get started.
ive got a couple of things to go over. but first, we can start with two of my new favorite body products. well, neither is really new to me, but I havent told you about them, so they are probably new to you. lol.
Dr. Bonners Almond Scented Soap and surprisingly… Bath And Body Work’s Lay it On Thick Shea Butter Lotion.

we’ll start with Dr. Bonners, since ive touched and talked about this product in the past. always a great product for all over body use, 100% natural and organic, and always for fair trade. ive been using it since i was a kid… it was all mom ever bought. mostly because one bottle can last you for up to 3 months, if you dilute and use it correctly. well over the years, their product has expanded to different oils and scents, and i just found almond. man this stuff smells great. all of it smells great really, with peppermint being my favorite… but if youre looking for a non-minty, milder version of this great soap, this is the scent youre going for. this was great for those long tub soaks, and the oil in the soap is a great skin softener. you should really try it out sometimes.

so then, when you get out the shower, smelling all nice and fresh… youve got to put on lotion, right? now the problem is dry skin for me. normal lotion hasnt worked on me for years… even good old lubriderm left me ashy after a few hours. after a while, i just switched over to cocoa butter and vitamin e oils. after hearing about my troubles, a coworker introduced me to her new favorite lotion, called Lay it on Thick. now when anyone mentions buying products at Bath &Body Works, i usually am suspicious. they are great for scents, but their lotions… i wasnt too sure about. until this.
Now they werent lying when they named it “Lay it on THICK.” lool. the product ($20 for a big 10 oz bottle) is so thick coming out the container that you have to squeeze extra hard to get it out. which is a good sign for me. made from shea butter, macadamia nut oils, vitamin e, vitamin a extract and several other yummy ingredients for the skin… it goes on like a thick, rich cream over the body. the best part about is that the product absorbs into the skin so fast… youre rarely left with any over-oily or greasy feeling on your body. it kept my skin moist for the fully day… with no ashy or dry spots popping up at any point. and scented like almonds (yay!) with a touch of vanilla… the smell is another nice win. nice, but never overpowering. i had stopped using this product for a while because i was really into my bio oil and vitamin e set up i had going… but after running out of bio oil, i broke out what was left of this lotion, and was reminded of how kickass it really is. if you need a little heavy moisturizer this winter season, id say give this a try. ill be switching to this while i give the bio oil a well deserved break.

well, thats all i have for now. im rusty with this after a while. lol. well be getting back to the hair shortly. making decisions on whether i wanna go get a trim or leave it growing for as long as i can. also, since im almost out of ovation (and you will be hearing about that shortly)… im planning out what product to move to next. i think ill finally be giving Surge a try.

ill be back later.


This is the Dr. Bonners Appreciation Blog.

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hey ladies and gents. hope all is well.

i just wanted to drop by and send some praises to a product that i have literally been using since birth (thanks mom!). growing up in san diego, near where the product is made… it wasnt a popular soap… but all moms EVER bought. now, 20someodd years later, i see a regularly “boho,” low key, only sold in health food stores-product hitting the mainstream… first moving up to trader joes for buying… then whole foods… and now i see it popping up in places like American Apparel (wtf?) and Target (omg).


Dr. Bonners.
hands down, one of THE best soaps EVER. save a couple of emergency exceptions, the only soap ive ever used my whole life. and after running through a few other soaps and body washes… its really the only soap i want to use.
its a great multi purpose wash. made of nothing but peppermint oil and water… its a great full body wash that will leave you feeling fresh and tingly after every use. its also a great wash for braids, locs and curls when you just want to freshen up your hair. great as a shaver… also a great skin softener for those long baths we get in once in a while. in addition, its a GREAT morning wash for your face. leaves your skin feeling fresh without feeling dried out later on.
and yes… you can even use it for dental. because its 100% natural, you can brush your teeth, tounge, retainers… WHATEVER with it. as a kid, i had braces and headgear after going through jaw surgery. then i had a retainer. the whole time, both my mother AND my dentist told me to use this at least 3 times week on my braces, gear AND retainer… it keeps all the gear fresh without doing damage that long term exposure to listerine or other mouthwashes can do to metal, rubber and acrylic (yeah, i had ALLADAT going on. lol).

the best part… its really, reallly, REEAAAALLLLY economical.
the key to dr. bonners soap is that you never use it straight. dr. bonners straight out the bottle is like using concentrate. if you dont dilute it (like it says ALL over the bottle), it can go from a fresh tingly clean to a fresh minty light burning. LoL.  you always take the soap and mix it into another bottle . i usually go with 40% soap and 60% water. breaking it down like that can make one bottle of bonners last for about a month and a half before having to get a new one. economic greatness.

i usta hate the fact that my mother would make me use this soap all the time. and i mean ALLLL the time. it was a TREAT if i could get some ivory soap in my house for variety. lmao. but after growing up and using all the different stuff out there… i can see why this was all she stuck to. everything else… honestly just leaves me with some kinda funny feeling residue that i just cant stand. some just have ingrediants i dont want on my body. dr. bonners is the only thing i use that doesnt leave my skin dried out… and something i can use ALL OVER the body. and i always come out the shower feeling and smelling fresh. its basically the best product evar. ill never use anything else.

placed HIGH on the recommended list…. check it out if you EVER have the chance.