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Bio-Oil is the Truth and The Future Pt. 2: For Your Face | MegaTek and your Nails.

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hey there.
so. its time to get into bio-oil for the face. while it has been a certified win for me body-wise (great for evening tone, reducing scars and stretchmarks), ive been trying it on my face, seeing if it would produce the same result. now my main concern with bio oil and my face is clogging my pores.  i already have fairly oily skin, and i will break out if i dont watch it.  what i was hoping for was help with these little lines im starting to see around my eyes, dark circles under my eyes, along with any fading of old acne spots.
welp, i pretty much got what i expected all across the board. the good news is yes. bio oil is nice for your face. especially for people who have dark circles under their eyes. it evens out the tone of your skin across the board. especially for acne spots. ive got alot of fading in old marks on my face, which dont seem to clear up as fast as they used to (oh boy. lol). another win is the fact that it has helped decrease  those little lines under and around my eyes… and kept those lines from deepening any further. its pretty great.
the bad news? yeah. i do break out a bit. even if im washing and witch hazel-ing every night, im still gonna catch a blemish here and there. i had to break out the proactiv for the first time in a while to calm it down a bit, and that is working (their green tea moisturizer is pretty good too… i got it for free tho. dont know if id pay for it just yet). and any blemishes i do catch from the bio oil are REALLY small… and heal up quickly (odd enough). the best thing for me to do at this point is only use it under my and around my eyes. maybe on my neck and chest too.
in all, id definitely give it a try if youre curious. i would highly suggest that you make sure you have a good facial soap on you (neutrogena face bar or dr. bonners peppermint soap are good for me). i wash at night, apply the bio oil to the undereye area, sleep with it on, then wash it off first thing in the morning. if i need it (which i usually do), ill throw on the proactiv green tea moisturizer for a nice morning tingle.

if youre reading, hope it works for you.

now, on to part two… megatek and your nails. the surprise win.
now from the get go… ive always had a hard time growing out my nails. i didnt do it much as a kid because 1. i couldnt (lol), and 2. i played piano, and if your nails were too long, my teachers would stop pratice and make me cut them. lol (whatup ms. kliensasser/huang). as ive gotten older, its gotten better. i can grow them out, but only to a certain point before they get brittle and break. and they grow so slow.
now my main and only intent for using megatek was for moisturizing and strengthening my hair, which its doing great (hope to have more results for you in a few more weeks). but it turns out its ALSO really great for both strengthening and growing your nails too. its been great. it was weird, because after using the megatek on my hair, i found myself having to trim my nails much more often than i used to. and when i cut them… they were really strong and thick. sure enough, when i started applying megatek directly to my nails… i got great results. so yeah ladies… if your also looking for nail strengthening, megatek is also a winner for you.

thats about it for now. next post, ill be talking in depth about monistat and your hair. i know a lot of you freak out when you read it, but  you know i wouldnt be talking about it if it didnt work. also gonna look into taking bio oil to the next level… and using it in my hair. i have tons of pros and cons to go through before i do it tho.

thanks for stopping by and reading.


Bio-Oil is the truth and the future. The way and the light.

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its so good, i gotta go get more. lmao.

its so good, i gotta go get more. lmao.

usually, i go on and on about the hair products, but i have to take a quick minute to talk about bio-oil. an unexpected win.

so about 3 months ago, i was at walgreens, looking for my huge bottle of vitamin e oil. its all i use at this point; i find that most lotions are ineffective on me, leaving me ashy and dry looking within hours. oil has always been the best for me.

so, of course, they were completely out of vitamin e oil. nothing else in. i was being lazy, didnt feel like walking to target,  so i look around for a compromise. and i found bio oil. slightly pricer than my vitamin e oil by $3 dollars, i didnt mind making the sacrifice. especially when i found out that there was PurCellin Oil in it… supposedly great for repairing dry skin, scars and wrinkles. now i was just looking for something to soothe the dry skin… but i got SO much more.

not only was it GREAT for my skin (LONG lasting hydration and moisturizing), i found over time, that old scars that i have (childhood scars, strechmarks, ect) started to fade. noticeably. especially as i was running out of the oil. at first, i thought it might just be me being whatever about it, but i decided to give the bio oil a second run and buy another bottle. and sure enough… the results continued in a real way. not only are little spots and scars fading nicely… for once in my life, i see real results in the fading of old strechmarks, and an old scar that left me with stitches on my leg. its pretty cool, honestly.

so recently, i ran out of my favorite face moisturizer. i was looking around the house for anything i could use for my face, and found that i had a little bit of bio oil left in a bottle. now i was kind of hesitant to use it on my face… it has a light, oily feel to it. i was worried about clogging my pores, but then i remembered after about 5 to 1o minutes, its absorbs into the skin really well. it also has a REALLY pleasant and fragrant lavender/rose pedal smell, so that doesnt hurt. lol.

also, im beginning to see little lines that i really dont like appearing above my eyes on that really sensitive eyelid/brow skin. and nothing i seemed to be doing was helping it. i wanted to see if maybe bio-oil could do it for me. low and behold… it was amazing. not only did it help even out my general skin tone, but it also took care of old acne spots left of my face, as well as dark circles under my eyes. the skin above my eyes has also evened out nicely, and i see a considerable reduction in the little mini lines that were there. i do make sure i wash my face often when i use this product tho… just to make sure im not clogging my pores. i have had a pimple pop up from it, but im willing to make that sacrifice. lol.

so all around, this was just a surprise win purchase that i just stumbled upon.

im THINKING about putting it on my hair, but prolly not. doesnt seem designed for it. but you never know. lmao.

i would suggest this to anyone looking for  a light oil moisturizer, anyone looking for a product to help fade old scars, especially strechmarks, anyone looking for a light facial oil… and anyone who was just generally interested in this product. now its not for everyone… the results DO take time. nothing is overnight, especially this. it took about 4 weeks of using it to see results. but it might work for a lot of people. check it out.