Quick Emergency Post: Hair Dryer Broke. Looking for Hair Vitamins. Taking Suggestions for New Ones.

In African American Hair Care, Hair Dryers on January 10, 2010 at 3:49 pm

After 15 years, the dryer finally gave out on me.
now the added expense/work of finding a new dryer is in order.
now im in no mans land, as i have no ideal whats good out there in hair DRYER land.
hoping you guys out there might have some suggestions for me, as to a quality (but not obnoxiously expensive) hair dryer for that good old 4B textured hair.
i see all kindsa things like ceramic ionizing stuf… oh boy. lol. might just call the hairdresser on this one.

im also looking into vitamins for my hair as well… sometimes this just sounds like a scam, but doing the research, i can see how this can play an important role in hair growth. so im open to any suggestions there too.

unless you guys know anything? please share. if not, ill do the research and post about it later. lol.



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