Sorry for the delay…

In Face, For Everybody, Hair, MegaTek, Nails on September 1, 2009 at 12:52 pm

last few days have been tough with the passing of my father in law.
havent felt like writing much. havent even been moisturizing the hair like i should. :(
ill be back soon… with some more info on bio oil and your face, along with MegaTek and your nails. a surprise win.
we can also get into the popular new hair growth technique of using Monistat on your Scalp.
yeah. THAT kinda monistat. lol.

thanks for your patience.


  1. Hi! I used monistate when I first started growing my bangs out. I think it worked. But I stopped because I heard you shed a whole bunch when you stop using it. I didn’t notice any shedding, but I didn’t use it for very long either. *Shrugs*. I’m thinking of getting it again.

    • hahah. i was going to talk about that in more detail. i did get a little more shedding than usual on my next growth cycle. i also noticed that it shed more if you used a stronger creme (3 day vs. 7 day). but we’ll get more into it in a few days. :D

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