Has anyone ever tried Liquid Keratin?

In Hair Care, Hair Products on August 26, 2009 at 2:42 am

(short blog)


this is a product thats caught my eye lately. liquid keratin is supposedly really great for people with curly or frizzy hair (raises hand). from what im reading, it seems to be a great tool in straightening hair with long lasting results… but im more interested in what keratin can do for the overall health of your hair.
keratin is essential for healthy hair growth. its also one of the main ingredients used in MegaTek… which is why it works so well, and women are flocking to use it. so when i found out theres a STRAIGHT keratin product for your hair… I was intrigued.

now after googling several options, i found that most salon treatments have some kinda chemical (like formaldehyde) to aid in straightening. now im definitely NOT interested in the chemicals, but i am intrigued by the keratin factor. i  managed to find a keratin treatment that does NOT contain any of the aforementioned chemicals (the link at the beginning of this post is the site). now its just finding any more information and review on this. everything ive read thus far has been mixed reviews… and really nothing from the af-am angle on how it works on our hair.

(p.s. hair advertising gurus, it doesnt help when you say ‘in our tests, studies show that 100% of women had softer, stronger hair!’ come on. thats what everyone says. i need some concrete proof. lmao)

ill definitely keep an eye on it, ask my hairdressers about what theyve heard. if its good feedback, ill give it a try. anyone else out there ever get your liquid keratin on? lemme know.



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