What we all came for… The MegaTek results.

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welp, here we are. about 5 weeks later, a fresh new set of braids in, and finally, a real ideal on how MegaTek is working.

The Megatek Combo.
The Megatek Combo.

so heres how it went.
after taking a few hours to take out the braids, i hopped in the shower and broke out the MicroTek shampoo… supposedly really good in conjuction with the  MegaTek Leave in  conditioner. I also used the MegaTek Coat Rebuilder (the small container on top of the other two bottles)… supposedly really good for hair strengthening. the only  catch is with the coat rebuilder is that they clearly tell you to rinse it out. not a problem for me.

so this is how i did it. i broke out the netrogena clarifying shampoo to rinse out all the old oils and junk out my hair (just ran out, might need to go get more). then i shampooed with the MircoTek. it didnt leave my hair feeling too dry or stripped of its natural oils, and  it lathered up well from the first shampoo (the neutrogena helps with that). from there, i rinsed well and took a scoop of the MegaTek coat rebuilder (the rinse out conditioner) , massaged it in, and let it sit for about 20 minutes. i have to admit, when i first applied it, it felt odd on my hair… kinda had it feeling rubbery. however… after about 5 minutes, my hair absorbed like a sponge and loved it. i rinsed the Coat Rebuilder out and applied the MegaTek Equine Conditioner (the leave in conditioner) and sprinkled a lil bit of Infusium on top. i let that sit for about 15 minutes while i got my bio oil on. once my hair was deep conditioned, i blew my hair dry in preparation for rebraiding.  now, while blow drying, i noticed some positive changes. first, megatek doesnt leave a residue in your hair that some leave in conditioners can do. also, the texture of my hair is feeling very healthy. the thickness of it is good, but to be honest, that might be because of the shapleys also. there wasnt too much of a significant reduction in overall shedding/breakage, but thats kind of hard to judge when your combing through your hair for the first time in 5 weeks. breakage and shedding is bound to happen. however, the thickness has improved, as well as the strength in individual hair strands. overall, im impressed. much better than some of the previous products ive used.

now if youre looking for noticibly fuller hair and a little help with hair strength, this is for you. ill keep using the product to see what the long term kicks are. but so far… im having good results with it. nothing mindblowing, but worth the time and money.


because free is my favorite word.

also, in an indirect win of the day, i scored some random, free shampoo and hair conditioner while at the supply store. its called “Maven.”
googled it, couldnt find much on it or about it. ill do more investigation in the morning, but for now, well put it aside. i am interested in what their conditioner is about. well see in the long run.

for now, there are things i have to deal with. like  feeling like my hair isnt growing anymore. and requests for shots of my hair (yeah kaki/stephanie, i know) when i hate taking photos of myself.  or whether i like this light brown color thats in my hair. or whether or not i wanna get my hair trimmed for a long time. LMAO. ill work it all out tho. just gotta have (more) patience.
gee. i wish i could be this focused when it comes to losing weight.



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