Testing out the Shapley’s MTG.

In African American Hair Care, Hair, Hair Care, Hair Products, Nerdery on July 25, 2009 at 11:26 am
great for the hair. not for the olfactory.

great for the hair. not for the olfactory.

so Shapley’s is truly one of those products that ive been geeked to use.  ive heard of it in years past, but never really had the time, resources or energy to trace it down and pick up a bottle.  plus, the fact that it was mainly for hair use on horses had me thrown a bit. i had a solid range of products i was using, and at the time, there was no room for shapley’s. until now.

with the recent end of an era of my Virgin Hair Oil, i found myself needing a good back up oil that i could use with my daily rosemary  moisturizer (again, this deserves its own blog. well get to that).  the regular vitamin e oil/doo gro oil i was using wasnt as effective anymore, and it was time for a change up. while hair nerding it up on the interwebs, another good friend of mine (hey @inaccurate map!) suggested and reminded me of SMTG (shortened acronym).  which lead to the purchase of the large bottle off amazon.com.

imagine the level of geekiness when the bottle got to the house. i was all excited and ready to go. but then… i was reminded of one of the downfalls to this great product; the smell. while it isnt the worst thing on the planet, i was a little hesitant to throw oil in the braids that smells basically of bacon and liquid smoke. lol.

on the upside… i do have the MegaTek (we’ll get to that later) and a new virgin olive oil/vitamin e infused product from palmers, and both of the products smell WONDERFUL. im hoping i can use them to mask the smell of barnyard barbeque going on over here. lol.

so im going for it. shaking up the product (theres a lot of grit at the bottom of the bottom that seems to be important), and testing it out around the edges and back of the scalp… my choice testing areas should something fail and my hair falls out. lol. so far, so good. nice warm, tingly feeling at application areas… much like leaving an anti dandruff conditioner in your hair for a while. but warmer. always a good sign when you get that tingle. for the most part. the smell seems to be waning as i apply it directly to the scalp. again, a little noticeable, but not majorly, stop traffic with the smell overpowering.

well let this set for a little while before i put in the MegaTek for the first time. :D


*geeks out*


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