MegaTek: The Start.

In Hair, Hair Care, Hair Products, Nerdery on July 25, 2009 at 8:11 pm

so, after a long, looong day of cleaning house in preparation for a trip down to San Diego for comicon, i decide its about that time to hop in the freshly cleaned shower, and moisturize the hair.

after washing down with the dr. bonner’s, i break out the MegaTek conditioner for the first time. again, i start to geek out. i cant wait to get this in my hair at this point, see how the product works over time. i was also eager to get it in my head as to cover up any left over smell from the Shapley’s MTGs (admitted, the smell dissipated over the day of cleaning).

the new power combo. well see how this goes.
the new power combo. i used the MegaTek leave in conditioner on the far right and the palmers olive oil you see @ far left. we’ll see how this goes.

didnt shampoo out the braids, as they are brand new (3 days in. washed out the fro thoroughly before braiding, which is mandatory).  i really cant wait to get to the MircoTek shampoo however. as promised, the MegaTek smells like loveliness. like a fresh coconut/almond oil scent. also, its lightweight creme, but rich in texture. feels good going in. hit up the scalp and edges with direct creme. gotta admit, i used a large amount. may need to fall back next time. lol.

MegaTek is what us hair nerds call a ‘Protein Intense’ product. great for the thin hair, prone to breaking. also another product intended for equine use, until some brave human had the guts to try it on themselves. lol. no worries people, this has been tested safe for humans and is cruelty free, as mentioned all over the side of the package.
checking out the directions and ingredients in the back, they arent playing. high in keratin and marine protein, amino acids, and allantoin (supposedly good for growth). and good news for me, it does negate the smell of Shapley’s left in my hair.  win. after making sure the creme was well worked into my hair, i hit it with the palmers organic olive oil spray, and broke out the silk hairwrap.

so far, an all around win.

so as the game of life tends to go sometimes, we play the waiting game.
it looks like im probably gonna use this maybe once or twice a week.
ill fall back to my daily moisturizer. usually made of rosemary and vitamin e oil, im thinking of replacing the vitamin e oil with Shapley’s. im finding that the rosemary also helps negate the barbeque-ish smell of SMTG. after rinses/washes, ill rub in some MegaTek for strengthening.

so thats about it.

next up… i should (and will) explain the science and reasons for rosemary being important in my life. lol.



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