The last of a legend.

In African American Hair Care, Hair, Hair Products, Nerdery on July 24, 2009 at 9:55 pm
the good stuff.

the good stuff.

this hair oil is hard to find. mostly for braided or dry hair, its also really effective scalp oil and anti dandruff treatment. promotes hair growth (especially around the edges). its also the last bit of whats left. and it makes me sad. the smell of it (earthy eucalyptus scent) brings back memories of yesteryear. back when i got all my hair supplies at a spot right off pico and la brea.  back when my ethopian gramma would give me good hair tips. it also reminds me of the fact that they dont carry it anymore.

its not a huge loss. im sure i can find it again. also, its an old product that ive been using for a while.  im getting ready to break in the Megatek, so its a new rotation of products coming in anyways.
but still.
always sucks when you lose a good product.


note to self: find virgin hair fertilizer online. somewhere. soon.
p.s. if you know where to find this… let me know. :D

  1. They are in a law suit.. If you ever decide to look it up :0(

    • omg dude… i just bought some more of it today. i noticed the name on it had changed… oh this is gonna be a mess. lmao.

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